Deep Purple

WaterWoody #3

Owners to " Deep Purple"  Michael & Lynne Blackburn, now live in Port Townsend on the water.  They use a propane heater, and propane stove unit for cooking.  They have twin 15HP propane powered engines.  They're houseboat is also equipped with solar power on the roof.  For the head they use a composting head, from AirHead.

We used french doors and windows from Lynnes childhood home, which was going to be torn down. It broke her heart.  She now has pieces of her childhood in her new houseboat, which has brought her great joy.

Mudpie Pottery a local pottery artisan , makes our unique sinks

Michael and Lynne, helped to design their galley and stateroom.  They opted for two tables . One they used for dining, and the other one for craft area by the bathroom sink area.  Tables can slide down towards the wall for convenience.  Stateroom has a spring mechanism under the bed for easy access for storage area under they're bed.

De JaVu  photography

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