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WaterWoody journey 2015

Hello to all you WaterWoody fans. We were sad to hear that Detroit Lake would not be full this year, however that did not stop us from launching. We only have a 11" waterline which enables us to launch most calm water locations. We also have a gangplank that we can ease up to most

edges of the lake and ease it down and walk easily onto land. We used this several times on

Detroit Lake. We picked up friends and entertained and had a great time. Expensive gas on docks. No problem we have propane engines. Smelly pump outs no problem we have an Airhead composting toilet . We will never have anything else on our boats. Hard to get to docks do to low water levels , again no problem we have a gangplank, and we only draft 11". No electric hookups once again no problem we have solar to run lights, electronics, and fridge.

We wanted to share some pictures with you on our week vacation on Detroit Lake. Its still beautiful, just in a different way. We were so glad that we launched the WaterWoody even with the water at such low levels. We enjoyed our friends and they got to share what the WaterWoody had to offer.


De JaVu  photography

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