• Dina Elwood

WaterWoody Hybrid Flipping Party

This boat flip literally took our breath away. It was both an exciting and breathtaking experience.

About 65 friends and family showed up for the "Flipping Party". We waited with anticipation to flip this 38' WaterWoody. Kerry Elwood gave the instructions to the flipper crew . I have to say you

could literally feel the energy in the air. Flippers were on one side and the crane was on the other.

John Elwood Kerrys brother was controlling the winch. Kerry gave the command to start the flip.

The boat slowly went up on its side with ease as we all yelled out , each in our own way in celebration of the success of the flip.

Now we all could partake in our Pizza and Beer, which was thetradition

of the boat flip. We all

shared our experience of the flip which was very exciting. We send out our appreciation to all onlookers who came to share this event and last but not least the WaterWoody flippers.


De JaVu  photography

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