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Port Townsend wooden boat festival

Port Townsend was once again a real treat to all your senses. We had many friends and family

accomany us at the boat show.We also had a WaterWoody crew to help with all the questions. Thanks Dillon Davidson (apprentice boat builder) Ariel Ellis, Janine Ellis. Thanks for all your help.

We made great connections, and we were told that our boat was a favorite of many attendees. This boat show is top on our list for Wooden Boat shows. We highly reccomend it. Many great restraunts, classes, sidewalk bands, art show, boat building, wooden ships from all around, and the bay is just beautiful. Port Townsend also has a ferry coming and going to many near islands including Seattle.

Sunset at the docks, WaterWoody is at the farthest end of this pic

Breakfast at a near by cafe

Crew, Kerry Elwood, Dina Elwood, Dillon Davidson, Ariel Ellis, and Janine Ellis.

Getting ready to leave the docks

Janine Ellis, taking a break up on top. To her surprise she did not get that break. Many tourists asked her questions about the WaterWoody. She and all of us gave many tours all weekend.

Kerry Elwood (Captian) of the WaterWoody


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