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We have always loved a simpler way of living , one with nature and our surroundings.

Sailing for the last 18 years we also knew we wanted to be on the water.  A cabin on the water and a green way of living.  This was the beginning of the WaterWoody journey.  Kerry Elwood, boat builder and designer drafted plans for a boat you could trailor to different bodies of water,  We also wanted to keep our little cabin on the water as green as possible, using solar, led lighting, rain water catchment system, propane engines and composting toilet.  It took Kerry Elwood 1 year and 9 months to build the "WaterWoody, which we named Driftwood. WaterWoody was launched July 4, 2014 just as planned on Detroit Lake Oregon.  At the end of the season the WaterWoody was pulled out and relaunched in PortTownsend Washington at the Wooden Boat Festival.  It was a hit of the show, touring for 3 days.  Kerry is now commissioned to build a second boat for the next 2 years.


Like us and Join us for this next boat building journey.


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