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Life on the WaterWoody 28'

We were saddened to leave Detroit Early this year due to low water levels, however we would like to

share some of summer moments with you. We had family and friends and entertained often.

Our WaterWoody houseboat was admired by many dock walkers, and toured often. We really enjoy our stays on board. Cool mornings with hot coffee and a fire in the wood-stove. Great memories.

Detroit Lake Cruise on the WaterWoody

Kerry took us out on a cruise to check out all the quiet little coves and our favorite little waterfalls.

Cabin Galley on the WaterWoody 28

I so much love my windows while cooking and washing dishes. The views of the water ways and ducks and geese are so peaceful.

WaterWoody recipe ( a favorite)

Shrimp, sausages, potatoes, onions,

red bell pepper, corn, parma cheese,

garlic, yellow squash, seasonings, cooked in foil for 30

minutes on the barby and serve to your

guests. Its a pleaser

Hope you enjoyed the Summer of 2016 WaterWoody pictures on Detroit Lake. Fun was had by all.


De JaVu  photography

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